Cannot recommend her enough to those who don’t know where to start, how to start, or why they should start.

-Marianne Willburn, Small Town Gardener

Make the Switch: The Benefits of Going With a WordPress Website

More and more small businesses are making the move from static sites, to WordPress. The reasons for this evolution are simple. As the internet has grown and evolved, businesses and organizations of all sizes are finding it necessary to be able to add and edit content within their websites easily, without having to rely on a designer to make changes or on special html-editing programs like Contribute or Dreamweaver.

This requires a site built on a Content Management Platform (CMS) like WordPress.

With a CMS/WordPress site, you log into an administration panel called the Dashboard to access, edit and add content to your site. The Page Editor is incredibly intuitive and makes it extremely easy to manage your own content. From Latest News Updates or Blog Posts to Events, Videos, Business Listings, Ecommerce and much more. You don’t need any special software to manage content. The dashboard is web-based which means you can access it from any computer, anywhere you have an internet connection.

content-editingBecause a CMS is dynamic (database-driven), site content can be organized, archived & fed to the front-end of the website easily. Content can appear in multiple places within the site, simply by categorizing it — you only have to enter it in one place — the design does the rest. The possibilities are endless.

There are also SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefits. WordPress is one of the most “search engine friendly” platforms to build your site on, meaning search engines can quickly look through the code of the site to search content. Relevant text content is the most important aspect of search engines finding a site organically and WordPress makes it easy for you to add content to your site. There’s also many add-on tools available that can help you improve your rankings even more.

The bottom line is, if you want the ability to manage your own site content easily, you should make the switch to WordPress.

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Cannot recommend her enough to those who don’t know where to start, how to start, or why they should start.

-Marianne Willburn
Small Town Gardener